The series PWM are LED Drivers designed to work directly with LED strips. Must be equipment that is fed at a constant voltage. With plastic housing designed for lighting applications in indoor, decorative or architectural. Approved HL Class I Division 2 for ex-zones in the US.

Can be adjusted by regulatory assets or liabilities0-10Vor1-10V, signal 10V PWM of 100Hz to 3KHz or by the resistance of 0 to 100KOhmios.

With potentiometers assets that you can give 0V to shut down the output without the need of a switch. Dimmers 1-10V we can only reach 10% of regulation without shutting down the output. 

The output pulse can be regular any LED strip by small, is always to not overcome the maximum load of the driver. 

To be the driver and the regulator are integrated on the same computer we remove any kind of incompatibility and reduce the cost, size. Design of high frequency avoids any problem of noise audible to any level of regulation.


LED driver dimmable.

Specially designed for the regulation of LED strips.

Format in box waterproof plasticIP67.

Input range90-305Vca47-63Hz

Output voltage12vdc.

Output intensity3.34 A. Range of output current 0-3,34 according To the demand load.

Power:40,1 W.

The efficiency typical:86%.

Regulation0% to 100% of the output intensity with a slider0-10V / 1-10V,a PWM signal of 10V with a frequency of 100Hz to 3KHz or resistance of 0 to 100K Ohms. With the regulation we can turn off the output, but we need a regulator 0-10V. Regulators 1-10V not arrive to give 0V do not shut down the output.

Input class II without grounding.

Factor corrector, power>0,95to 230vac at full load.

Consumption without load <0.5 W.

Operating temperature range of caseTcfrom-40ºCup+70ºC.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):150 x 53 x 35mm.

5 years of warranty.

Manufacturer: MEAN WELL.


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