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Off road LED lights are a perfect addition to any vehicle whether it's for your personal off-road vehicle or if you need to outfit a work ute. A set of powerful off road LED lights will give you the extra illumination where and when you need it most. You will also save on replacement costs with off road LED lights because they have a longer life span compared to incandescent lights, halogen lights, or HID lights. We carry a wide selection of off road lights from LED light bars, LED work lights,  through to LED driving lights and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers frequently ask us these questions when looking to buy off road lights. We have prepared a few helpful answers to help guide you in your purchasing process.

What Kind of Lights are Used on Off Road Vehicles?

The few common types of offroad LED lights you might see on 4WD off road or work vehicles are light bars, work lights and driving lights.

Do You Need LED Lights for Your Off Road Vehicle?

The answer to this question really depends on how you use your vehicle, but even if you only use your 4x4 on sealed roads, upgrading to LEDs does have some benefits. LED bulbs will typically perform better in tests and in real life use scenarios than older types of light globes. They last longer and use less power than halogen lights and are certainly worth the investment.

What are the Different Types of Off Road Lights?

There are a few different ways to categorise off road lights.

By globe type:

  • Halogen lights – an older type of globe nowadays with higher power requirements compared to LED and not as much light output.
  • LED lights – the most popular and best choice available on the market today. Off road LED lights are power efficient and come with an exceptionally long lifespan compare to other globes.
  • HID lights – short for High Intensity Discharge. These bulbs shine brighter than ordinary LEDs.

By beam type:

  • Spotlights – a highly focused, narrow beam illuminating a long distance ahead of the vehicle.
  • Driving lights – driving lights supplement high beams to extend the illumination of the path ahead, typically used for off roading at night.
  • Fog lights – a specialised beam for cutting through foggy or extremely rainy weather.
  • Work lights (sometimes referred to as floodlights) – illuminating only a short distance ahead of the car but providing light for a broad area, used when at the vehicle is stationary.

By mount type or position:

  • Light bars – roof, brill or bar mounted.
  • Fog lights – usually below the headlights.
  • Work lights and spotlights – typically mounted on the roof.
  • Driving lights – normally mounted next to the headlights that they are designed to supplement.

Always make sure to check with your local road authority concerning the legality of either configuration in your state or territory.

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