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Select-A-Pattern Headlight Flasher

Select-A-Pattern Headlight Flasher

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Universal UnderCover LED Insert

Universal UnderCover LED Insert

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UnderCover Screw-In LED Insert Single Light Kit

UnderCover Screw-In LED Insert Single Light Kit

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SoundOff Signal Intersector LED Under Mirror Light

SoundOff Signal Intersector LED Under Mirror Light

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Buy Hideaway LED Lights

OzLED stocks a wide range of Hideaway LED lights. Normal emergency vehicle lights and strobe lights are attached in such as way as to be visible at all times. This is usually not a problem for dedicated emergency vehicles. But in the case of a vehicle that doubles as a regular vehicle and unmarked emergency vehicles, you want something that makes the vehicles look more discrete. Hideaway LED strobes and lights are installed inside the existing light housing of a vehicle, making them hidden except when in use. This is ideal for volunteer rural fire service members or unmarked police vehicles. OzLED has the LED Hideaway Strobe Lights to match your needs.


Order your perimeter lights today and learn more by contacting the OzLED surface mounted lights team.


OzLED high quality Hideaway LED Strobes from SoundOff Signal


Select-A-Pattern Headlight Flasher – Built with dependability and reliability in mind, the Select-A-Pattern Headlight Flasher is a great flasher choice for headlight installation. It has 7 pre-programmed selectable patterns to choose from: PowerPulse, RoadRunner, Q-Switch, ETM, Cycle Flash, Single or Double Flash.


Universal Undercover LED Insert – These LED hideaway strobe lights are made for customisation. They have interchangeable lenses so you can fine-tune the light output needed for a specific application. They have an optional cruise mode that reduce the brightness of the light output by 20%.


Undercover Screw-In LED Insert Single Light Kit – This Universal Screw-In LED Light allows you to retrofit existing strobe tube cut-outs in headlights, taillights, or corner lights in all types of emergency response vehicles. These come with optional flat surface mounting bezels, so you can mount this to any part of the vehicle for additional lighting.


Intersector LED Under Mirror Light – This is a LED strobe light the mounts under the side mirrors of an unmarked law enforcement vehicle. They are designed for when the vehicle is used to block of an intersection, which is the time when enhanced visibility is needed most. With 180 degree lighting output, these lights are sure to be seen.

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Shop LED lighting online at OzLED or call us on 07 3205 4355 to learn more. The LED lights team at OzLED are happy to answer any questions you have about LED lights. For further enquiries, contact us online to arrange a booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hideaway LED lights?

Hideaway LED lights are emergency vehicle strobe lights that install inside the car’s light housing.

How long do LED strobe lights last?

How long an LED light lasts depends on the amount of use. But they generally last several thousand hours.

Do LEDs lose intensity over time?

Operating conditions and outside factors such as temperature, humidity, and heat load can cause LEDs to lose their brightness.

Do LEDs get hot?

LEDs generate some heat but the amount is usually small compared to traditional light bulbs.



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