Restricted Item Policy

Restricted Items:

A restricted colour item includes but is not limited to the following;

  • Red or Blue flashing LED lights.
  • Siren Drivers capable of producing Emergency Vehicle Siren outputs.
  • Any other item that would be reasonably seen as being illegal for the average road user to mount to their vehicle. 
  • Any other item or product deemed to be restricted by any OzLED representative for any reason.


Restricted Item Order Process:

  • Restricted items on our website require your agreement to these terms when adding to cart.
  • At the time of purchase you are/were aware the product was a restricted item and that a Restricted Item Statement will be required before the release of goods.
  • You have viewed the product in person or online and accept the sizing, colour, light output etc.


Release of Restricted Items:

  • You agree that before OzLED will release ANY Restricted Item, you must provide OzLED a filled out copy of the Restricted Item Statement. DOWNLOAD HERE
  • You agree that Restricted Item orders may take longer to process due to the additional paperwork requirements
  • You agree that all customer information will be kept on record including Names, Address, Contact information and Signatures.
  • You agree that any misuse of Restricted Items may result in criminal charges or legal action.
  • You agree that OzLED and all of its representatives are not and cannot be held responsible for any use of Restricted Items.


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