Website Overhaul

Website Overhaul

Yes, we have a new website! We've taken on your advice, and redesigned our website. You may recall the old site was just hard to navigate and difficult to understand. Since the beginning of the redesign process, we have set out to tackle both of these main issues. 

One of the reasons we gave for needing a redesign was that we were consistently told it was hard to find products on the site. 

Now that responsive design is becoming the standard for web design, we took it upon ourselves to redesign our website and migrate from our old and messy platform to our new and responsive platform. We've also gone for a much cleaner, modern looking design. We've steered away from the slide show and we've favored flat design styled graphics, we've reduced our clutter and cleaned up the layouts.

Website Overhaul design

And to top it all off, the website is now Online Store ready! So that means in the coming months we will have an online store that you can virtually order any item in store from home.
So in ending of this small blog, if you have any feedback on the current websites design and features or even any suggestions feel free to comment below.


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