Guardian Angel Personal Safety Device

Author: Brenton C   Date Posted:5 October 2020 

Guardian Angel Elite Series™ was designed with a core belief that personal lighting devices will make the world a safer place. Developed with the latest in LED technology that allows all of our personal safety devices to be seen for 5+ miles, the GA Elite Series™ device is the most advanced wearable safety light on the market today.


This wearable safety light is already trusted by thousands of first responders across the world, because it offers the features their job demands and delivers the peace of mind these brave individuals deserve.


Visibility on job sites can be the difference between life and death. Our wearable safety light is virtually indestructible and waterproof to handle any damage a job site can dish out. The various lighting settings allow you to be seen by your team and just as importantly, everyone else.

Regardless of how you enjoy the outdoors – running, boating, skiing, hiking … anything, the Elite Series is a trusted travel companion that keeps you visible, lights your way and guides you home safely after dark.



  • Lightweight – Approximately 85g
  • Durable – Water proof, dust proof, shock proof, IP68 Rated
  • Long Range Visibility – Tested at over 3km's of visibility using high powered LEDs, 360° illumination
  • Stealth Work Light Feature – Single red LED work light for low light environments
  • Enhanced “Take Down” Work Light Feature – 4 high powered white LEDs on the front offers hands free work light
  • Four Different Brightness Settings – Low, Medium, High & MAX
  • Extreme Battery Life – Rechargeable lithium ion battery using Type-C charging cable (included)
  • Built in Magnet Mounting System – Built in Neodymium magnet and corresponding magnet clip (included) attaches to nearly any surface
  • Independent Light Controls – 4 different light controls provide maximum lighting versatility, including an all flashing emergency mode
  • SOS Flash Pattern Mode – Quick button hold sets device to SOS flash mode
  • Battery Life Indicator – Quick button hold shows remaining battery life in easy to read LED indicator



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