Base6 Micro Light Bar

Base6 Micro Lightbar

There are bucket loads of mini lightbars on the market. Every brand seems to make half dozen of them and have for years. They come in all shapes and sizes and are mounted on everything from golf carts to trucks. So when Base6 debuted the all-new Micro-bar, the team here at OzLED spent some time to put the Micro Bar through its paces and truly find out what separates it from the competition.

Base6 Micro Lightbar

With superior daytime performance for its class and a competitive price, the Base6 Micro light bar really is an industry leading bar. Complete with an ultra low profile housing design, solid state electronics and a 2-year warranty, this lightbar is exceptional value for money.

The Base6 Micro Lightbar also meets and exceeds all SAE requirements to achieve a Class 1 rating. This is very important when operating within regulated worksites and public roads.

In the box, you get both magnetic and permanent mounts, with a pre-wired "Dual Switch Socket Plug" you can throw the lightbar straight on the roof and get straight to work without any mucking around. The plug can be removed for hard-wired permanent installations.

The Base6 Amber Micro Bar LED Warning Lamp features 40 High-intensity LEDs providing 360-degree coverage,  robust polycarbonate case to protect the electronics and LED warning lights in harsh and unforgivable weather conditions. The Micro-Bar comes with 19 flash patterns which you can select from the dual switch cigarette lighter plug.  With Strobe, flash and rotating beacon patterns you are bound to find the right flash pattern for your application.

Engineered optics not only enhance the brightness of each LED module but also widen the viewing angle which ensures you will have no “dark spots”. Whether this micro light bar is being used for emergency, towing, road work or construction, rest assured you are getting a very durable, reliable and compact product that is sure to get the job done for any application.

Base6 Amber Micro Bar LED Warning Lamp

Powered by 12 - 24V
Reverse Polarity protection
ECE R65 Class 1 - EMC R10/SAE J84
Ultra low profile
20 flash patterns
A lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
Includes cigarette plug switch and flash pattern changer
Weather-resistant housing
Magnetic, Stud and bracket mounting options
2-year Australian warranty

For a limited time only OzLED will be stocking the Base6 Micro Lightbar at a new release sale price of $181.50  


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