Are your Daytime running lights (DRL) ADR Compliant?

Daytime running lights (DRL) are low powered white lights fitted to the front of vehicles. Their function is to make the vehicle more visible against its background at times when headlights are not typically used. They have been mandatory on European cars since 2011 and trucks since 2012.

Daytime running lights are becoming increasingly present on cars in Australia. And they seem to have caused some confusion on local roads.  In Australia, their fitment is optional but vehicles that are fitted with DRL's (Both OEM or Aftermarket) must comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR), which outline national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions.

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In today's flooded market there are so many different LED lighting options available. Its important to note that many sellers will offer products that are not compliant with the ADR, you should also be aware that it is illegal to install and use them on your vehicle on public roads. This basically means should you find yourself in an accident, your insurance may be void due to illegal modifications to your vehicle. 

Where to find Compliant Daytime Running Lights

If you're looking for compliant LED DRL Lighting, OzLED stocks a number of options for you. Backed with a 5-year manufacturers warranty, our Base6 Daytime Running Light Kit is ADR compliant, easy to install and come complete with the required wiring harness and mounting hardware. DRLs illuminate when your engine turns on and are able to be wired so that when park lights are selected they dim to a lower output. LED Autolamps also offer a range of DRL options such as the DRL2 Kit and the 80 Series Bullbar Lights. 

Base6 LR light LED autolamps kit
Base6 DRL Kit LED Autolamps DRL Kit



Daytime Running Light Range

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By: on 18 May 2021
About 4 years ago after I fitted a polished alloy bullbar to my truck (Mazda T4600) I fitted your DRL/indicator lights with the 'hot dogs'. As a driver of over 50 years experience I noticed that when a vehicle was approaching an intersection or roundabout through the vehicle "body language" there was often a bit of hesitation or caution, instead of jumping out in front of me to beat the "bloody truck". Definitely increased safety!! Also, there was a problem with one of the hot dogs malfunctioning. Took the equipment out to Brendale, the boys assessed it and exchanged for a new unit, no problems. Thank you

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