OzLED partner with local cause MotoMedic's

Knowing that SoundOff Signal is the industry leader in automotive warning products, Jade from MotoMedics reached out to the team here at OzLED to discuss lighting for their Rapid Response Medic Motorcycles. Jade, Jamie and the rest of the Motomedic team faced the serious challenge of ensuring safety for their crew and patients whilst responding to road side incidents within the Brisbane hinterland. Being a relatively small vehicle, operating in low visibility areas such as narrow and twisty roads, safety and visibility was absolutely paramount.

OzLED partner with local cause MotoMedic's

Ozled is the Australian Distributor for SoundOff Signal and partnered with MotoMedics to provide an advanced lighting solution to meet their needs. With the compact nature of motorcycles fitting emergency lighting can be a real challenge. The solution is using the latest technology which includes dual colour SoundOff Signal mPower Silicone warning lights which offer class leading light output and offer a full dual or tri colour output. The mPowers were coupled with the Sound Off Intersector lights, these not only offer the same single/dual/tri colour technology but are still the only light on the market which provide a true 180 degree coverage with full intensity output.

OzLED partner with local cause MotoMedic's motorbike

This combination ensures the team are visible and safe and allows the medics to concentrate on providing critical aid rather than worrying about their safety.

The OzLED team are very proud to support MotoMedics in providing such an important role within the local community.

OzLED partner with local cause MotoMedic's group of people

Be sure to head over and support Jamie and the team
www.motomedics.com.au | www.facebook.com/motomedics

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