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Our hands on look at the Base6 Raptor Driving lights.

The team here at Ozled were excited to finally get our hands on the long awaited and highly anticipated lights from Base6. 
Base6 is hyping up to be a very big player in the Australian LED driving light market, and they have a new product out, The Raptor.

The Base6 Raptors are designed around the proven reflector design, whilst also utilizing the latest advancements in LED technology. With Base6 claiming some whopping specs, our team just had to put them to the test. We hooked up all 3 sizes in the Raptor range, just to see what these lights were capable of!

Base6 Raptor light

Mounting was easy, On all 3 sizes we were able to mount the lights securely to the bull bar without any hassle. This was thanks to the lights being supplied with a solid aluminum base mount with a 50mm x M12 bolt allowing you to firmly attach the lights without concern about vibration. Wiring up these bad boys was a simple plug and play job, made easy by the Deutsch connection at the rear of the housing. This allowed us to use our standard Base6 Driving Light harness without the need to worry about fiddling around for an extended time.

Base6 Raptor lights

So after the install was complete we took them up to the mountains for some real testing, and the results blew us away! The 7" Raptor threw light an absolute killer distance lighting up to 900m with ease. The 4.5" version wasn't far behind lighting up targets at 500m! But, the real show stopper was the 9" Raptor. We just couldn't believe our eyes! We were amazed watching  an LED  throw a beam beyond 1200m.

Car with headlights

Overall, the Raptor looks to continue Base6's tradition of providing good-quality driving lights that throw plenty of light in a durable and solid housing. The Chip is sourced directly from CREE, built in Korea and then completed right here in Australia. Base6 offer a three-year warranty with their lights, which speaks for the faith they have in their product. 

Input Voltage:                9 - 32VDC
Wattage:             90W, 60W, 30W 
Current Draw:                3.75A, 2.50A, 1.25A @ 24V
Operating Temp:            -40°C to +65°C
IP Rating:                       IP68
Beam Angle:                  Spot & Flood Cover
Luminous Flux Rating:   13,000lm, 9,500lm, 7,000lm
Life Span (hr):                50,000hrs Runtime
Weight:                           3.00 kgs, 2.00 kgs, 1.00 kgs
Vibration (G):                  8.6
Warrenty:                        2 Years


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