Say Goodbye to Buggy Camping Nights with Amber Lights

Camping trips are all about spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, and making memories. But there's always one thing that can ruin the fun - bugs. Nothing spoils a good camping trip quite like being swarmed by mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. But what if we told you that there's a way to keep those pesky bugs away? Amber lights to the rescue!

Amber lights are known for emitting a warm, orange-ish light that is less attractive to insects, including mosquitoes and moths. This is because insects are naturally drawn to bright, blue and white lights, but are less attracted to warm, amber lights. This is why amber lights are often referred to as "anti bug lights."

But why exactly are bugs less attracted to amber lights?

It's all to do with the color spectrum. Amber lights emit light in the 590-nanometer range, which is less attractive to insects, as compared to blue or white lights that emit light in the 450-nanometer range, which does attract insects.

A study conducted by the University of California, Riverside found that moths are attracted to bright lights because they mistake them for the moon and become disoriented. This results in the moth flying toward the light, which can be fatal. However, the study also found that moths are not attracted to amber lights, which makes them a great choice for outdoor lighting.

Not only are amber lights less attractive to insects, but they are also easier on the eyes, making it easier for you to see and navigate around your campsite at night. And, they are more energy-efficient than traditional lights, which is always a plus when you're camping and may not have access to electrical outlets.

At OzLED, we have the perfect solution for you. Our range of amber camping lights will make your camping experience a lot more pleasant.

Amber & White Rigid Bars

Our top-selling Amber light for camping and canopy setups! The Rigid Series Strip Lights from BASE6 offer a wide range of lengths, mounting options and even colour combinations. These are perfect for keeping bugs away and giving you the option to have a bright white light when you need to do cooking or setting up the campsite etc.


Amber LED Rock Lights

Just need Amber? Then the ROX Series LED Rock lights might be perfect for you. These compact near bullet proof high output rock lights provide a direct surface mount solution in applications where there are no standard fixtures to fit lights. Highly versatile 120 Degree wide output flood offers endless installation possibilities. Match them with the 30 degree wedge and you have the perfect amber only LED light!


Amber & White Awning Light

If you are after a more permanent solution for your RV or caravan, we highly recommend the 23 Series. Developed by LED Autolamps, these are a sleek 45 degree light that fixes to an external surface making it the perfect caravan light replacement or addition. Being Dual colour also means they are great for both Amber and White applications! 

If you want to have a bug-free and enjoyable camping trip, switch to amber lights. They're a game-changer that will make your camping experience so much more fun. Trust us, you won't regret it. Happy camping!

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