LED Load Resistors

So you're looking to upgrade to LED lights for your Vehicle. Well before you do it’s important to note that some vehicle light systems do not behave the same when using low current drawing LED lights. Sometimes it can result in just a faster-flashing indicator or can at times with some newer vehicles cause other electrical issues such as cruise control not working, dashboard errors and more. 

So what’s the fix?
The most reliable solution is to install the LED Autolamp load resistors found on our online store. At a basic level load resistors are designed in a way to draw the same if not very similar current as a 21-watt incandescent globe, correcting any problems with low current draw you may be experiencing.

As a general rule of thumb, we will always suggest when upgrading to LED lights on your vehicle, that you consider at least one pair of load resistors to compensate on the indicator circuit.  

The alternative is to fit a non-load sensitive flasher or a flasher with a measured load matching the LED load, but this is not always practical with many newer vehicles using the body control module to handle these functions. 

So you're looking to upgrade to LED lights for your Vehicle

Other Considerations:

Load resistors do generate heat, it is advisable that the are mounted directly to solid metal of the vehicle, DO NOT tape the resistors up in the loom!!!

Many new vehicles utilise CANBUS electrical systems, if you are not confident with working with these types of systems, we suggest you contact and Qualified Auto Electrician or your motor vehicle dealer.

The LED Autolamp Load Resistors are a simple and effective solution to this problem, replacing the load that has been reduced by fitting LED lamps for standard incandescent lamps. They are also available in both 12 and 24 volt options.

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