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Statistically, crossing intersections is the most dangerous function emergency service drivers face whilst traveling to an incident.Wether it be due to other road users lack of attention or simply the tasks a driver is required to perform during the journey the risk is significant. BluePrint can help reduce these risks by utilizing “Automatic Logic”

With bluePRINT you can be sure that no matter the angle of view, your vehicle is displaying 50% of its light at all times in every direction. With the ability to synchronize any light, you can be confident you WILL be seen on the road! Synchronize stock vehicle head/tail lights, LED perimeter lights, Dash mounted lights, Grill Lights and much more the possibilities are almost endless.

You can also activate a massive array of presets from easy to use and seamless integration. As an example, you could have the LED’s on the driver’s edge of a light bar “dim” or not display as the driver is getting in and out of the vehicle, this avoids the dangers of light in the eyes.

Switching lights and other devices on and off is nothing new. But what if these functions could be performed automatically? Wouldn’t it be great if a driver could keep their eyes and attention on the road instead of looking for switches? Blueprint offers this and so much more!

Improve Safety and Efficiency
Emergency Service Personnel are constantly occupied with technology and other distractions that require a shift in concentration and a refocus of the eyes and hands. bluePRINT allows users to stay focused on the task at hand while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Light and siren configurations are pre-programmed and prioritized to respond to emergency situations without the officer having to hastily determine which buttons and switches to activate while driving.

Improve System Reliability and Convenience
Current switching within the Central Controller and Remote Nodes uses Solid State Transistors to eliminate mechanical switching. Relays and other electro-mechanical components are often the most frequent failure within a switching system. Most are incapable of detecting faults and can be damaged by wiring faults such as an over-current. Solid State switching offers the advantage of no moving parts, no arc bridging, and self-diagnostic capabilities.

Eliminate Point-to-Point Wiring
Each of these modules communicates over a serial data bus (multiplex). All components share a single wire bus that can run the length of the vehicle. This eliminates the need for point-to-point wiring between lighting and siren components. Separate LIN data bus connections are provided for plug-and-play compatibility with existing SoundOff Signal Exterior Lightbars, nForce Interior Lightbars/Traffic Arrows, and Siren components.
Functionality such as voltage sensing, loadshedding and user defined logic tables eliminate the need for additional components like low voltage cutouts, headlight flashers, diodes, relays and switches.
These features offer quicker installation, a reduction in materials required and easier diagnostics all contributing in a saving of both TIME and MONEY.

User Friendly Software
Unlike many control systems on the market Blueprint does not require specialist programmers or expensive software. The configuration utility is windows based and freely available to blueprint users. You own the system and can make changes quickly and easily through the intuitive application. OzLED offers backup support to the user when required.

The benefits of BluePrint are far too great to explain in this short blurb, if you are a fleet manager and you want to increase the safety of your crew members or a vehicle fitter who wants to reduce the costs associated with building emergency vehicles OzLED can provide you with a solution.

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