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Full-Size Roof Mounted LED Lightbars

Australia’s best and smartest choice for flashing warning emergency LED light bars for cars, trucks, boats and everything in between. Whether its Emergency Services looking for Red and Blue solutions, to the local tradie chasing an Amber Warning LED light bar for mounting on their roof, look no further than OzLED. 

As Australia's SoundOff Signal Distributor, OzLED is well versed in providing customised Lightbar solutions across every industry. 

OzLED is passionate about providing high-quality LED road safety products to the Australian market for over 20 years. Recognising that safety for both fleets and individuals alike, OzLED strives to offer market-leading products at competitive prices.

With over 20 years of experience supplying Emergency Services, OzLED will have a solution for your vehicle or fleet. If you have any LED lighting requirements, reach out and speak with the team today.

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2x series 47 inch LED Full-Size Light Bar

2x CVP Series LED Full-Size Light Bars

The 2x series 47 inch LED Full-Size Light Bar is a full-featured commercial vehicle warning light, complete with alleys, and front takedown lighting. Available 49" and 59" Variants

SoundOff Signal's Armada Series full size LED light bar

ARMADA Full-Size Light Bars

SoundOff Signal's Armada Series full size LED light bar is an affordable and versatile, designed to meet the specific needs of the Amber market.

nFORCE Full-Size Light Bars

nFORCE Full-Size Light Bars

The perfect blend of SoundOff Signal's high impact technology, dependability, and versatility. A Full-size lightbar that's critical in today's market.

MAGNUM Full-Size Light Bars

MAGNUM Full-Size Light Bars

SoundOff Signals solution for Maximum intensity mixed with function. Perfect for large fleets and small businesses alike.

mPOWER Full-Size Light Bars

mPOWER Full-Size Light Bars

SoundOff Signals flagship Full-Size Lightbar is revolutionizing emergency lighting through durable silicone lenses in a sleek design. 



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