LED Autolamps 355 Series Tail Lights

LED Autolamps 355 Series Tail Lights

LED Autolamps says its latest 355 series range of rear combination lamps is setting a new benchmark in lighting style and design.
The first thing you notice when you look at the 355 is its distinctive sleek, clean lines and striking angular configuration. LED Autolamps says the attention to detail in its design and build offers you a premium product that not only provides excellent value but will enhance your vehicle or application and make you stand out from the rest.
LED Autolamps also offers two different types with a bright chrome look or a smooth black version.  

It says the real magic happens when in active mode: intensified by a diffused taillight at the top which also incorporates an inbuilt reflex reflector are the sequential indicators which light up in a dynamic sequence. Super bright horizontal stop and reverse functions give all road users clear notice of your vehicle’s intentions. 
This compact all in one-unit measures 356mm x 86mm x 35mm, with twin bolt surface mounting making it perfect for a small tray or truck. For extra fitting flexibility, LED Autolamps says it has made the 355 series compatible with its multi-fit right-angle bracket (Part No. MFBKT.) 

LED Autolamps 355 Series Black Stop/Tail, Sequential Indicator & ReverConstruction consists of hardened acrylic and ABS and polycarbonate plastics, known for strength, durability and UV resistance. The lamps are completely sealed and protected from water and dust ingress to strict IP67 testing standards. LED Autolamps says vibration and impact resistance with no moving parts ensures these products are made fit for purpose and up to any challenge in Australia’s harshest road environments. 
As well as exceeding the required standards with stringent ECE approvals, these lamps will reportedly not only make you stand out from the rest but also ensure your vehicle is road legal and compliant in all states of Australia. A multi-voltage 12-24V and a low operational current draw are said to make these lamps perfect for a wide variety of applications and battery system requirements. 
LED Autolamps says its entire operation is certified to ISO9001:2015, the internationally recognised Quality Management Standard; and its main production facility is certified to IATF16949:2016 standards. It says this is your guarantee of conformity of production, exceptional service, technical expertise, and dedicated after-sales care. 
The 355 series is offered in a single bulk pack with the large harness system plugs incorporated into the cable and a twin retail blister pack with bare wires. Importantly the twin pack has a handy function simulator button so your customers can see a sample of the dynamic sequential indication and the light output of the diffused tail function.  
LED Autolamps takes full control in the design, development and manufacture in producing the lamps so it says it can confidently offer a five-year warranty.

For more information, you can email sales@ozled.com.au or call 07 3205 4355.

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