Introducing Stealth Lighting

Stealth Lighting has some of the best quality LED light bars you can find in Australia. The benefits of a light bar are numerous, they not only look good, but they can add an amazing light spread for your vehicle including 4X4s, tractors or any regular car. They differ from regular headlights and spotlights with their single or double row of LEDs, to provide a consistent stream of light while you drive. 

One of Stealth Lighting's newest light bar products is the Stealth Lighting E-Series LED Lightbar. It has an impressive 30,800 lumens (30inch model), and a 10-36 volt operating voltage. There are also five different sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your vehicle. The E-Series also comes with a three-year warranty!

Nearly all of the Stealth LED Lightbars such as the 50 inch curved LED Lightbar, are built for quick installation, are waterproof, durable and are equipped with 5700 Kelvin colour temperature to reduce glare on roads signs and lessen fatigue on your eyes. 

You can mount Stealth LED Lightbars onto a bull bar, in front of a roof rack or above the windscreen of your car using a lightbar bracket.

LED Lightbars are especially useful when driving at night on country roads when you need that extra light to enhance visibility while driving. They also help to avoid accidents involving wildlife and other possible dangers found on those uneven, winding country roads. 

Lightbars are a great alternative to driving with your regular headlights because it gives off a far brighter light that is specially designed for the road ahead of you. It will allow you to see any obstacles on the road and potentially avoid accidents. They can either be mounted to your car, or onto brackets that attach to a bullbar making them a perfect addition to your 4x4 setup!

Check out our range of Stealth LED Lightbars, we are confident you’ll find the perfect style, fit and make for your vehicle. From the 10 inch LED Lightbar to the 30 inch curved LED Lightbar, OzLED has you covered with Stealth Lighting LED Lightbars.

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