Buying Fakes could cost you more then you think.

Pictured: Tyler holding the fake on the left... (Not impressive)


Beware of Fakes

Recently the LED Taillight market has been flooded with fake reproductions of the LED Autolamps Maxilamp C3 Series Tail light. 

We took it upon ourselves to get one of these fakes in to see how it holds up against our Genuine Maxilamp C3 Series such as the ones found here at OzLED. 

It wouldn't take a brain surgeon to work out how the comparison went. The fake maxilamp as found on eBay and sold by many sellers is well inferior to the genuine article. Light output was all over the place with the Park/Tail circuit being much too bright for road use through to blue reverse lights and dim brake and indicators.

We can't stress enough that using these fake tail lights is going to be a recipe for the disaster. The fakes found across eBay and other marketplaces are a dangerous combination of non approved lighting and poor construction. Simple functions like the Brake Light are hardly a noticeable difference from the standard tail light. 


Let's look at a number of ways to spot a fake both online or in person. 

First and foremost, if you are in the market for Genuine Maxilamps, it should go without saying that you should ensure you are buying through an authorised LED Autolamps Reseller. We know that the initial pricing is attractive, with most fakes priced well below Geniune models. With that said, beyond the fact that you would almost certainly void your insurance using the fakes, they are also not built to the same level of standed and will absolutely not last the test of time.

One of the major giveaways, when you are looking at it, is simply by looking at the voltage. ALL Genuine Maxilamps are Multivolt and will work with both 12v AND 24v vehicles. If a listing is stating that they are 12v only you are looking at a fake.


Another giveaway is the use of Chinese images that stand out against genuine lights. All of these listings found on eBay are absolutely FAKE Maxilamps and all use Chinese images.

Transparency Note: Pricing has been removed from eBay Screenshot above


What about in person? 

Spotting a fake in person is much easier than online. The build quality is significantly less than that of the Genuine LED Autolamps Maxilamp C3 Range. The main points to look for are:

  • Wiring Colours - Fake Maxilamps use a Green wire and do not follow the LED Autolamps wire colour guide at all. 

  • LED Autolamps Website Branding - Stamped on the front lens should be the LED Autolamps website "". If this is not present, you have a fake in your hands

  • Dim Indicators and Brake circuits - Fake Maxilamp Tail Lights use much dimmer Brake and Indicator LED's. These LED's also do NOT meet ADR and are illegal for use in Australia. 

  • Blue tint in the reverse light - Again, another very illegal byproduct of the Fakes. We found that the Fake Maxilamps have a very distinct blue colour to the reverse function. See the comparison images below. 

  • Waterproofing - Images speak a thousand words, and this one is no exception. The Fake Maxilamp clearly has ZERO water ingress protection where the lead meets the light housing. The Genuine Maxilamps have high quality potted and sealed housings. Further Genuine Maxilamps have a built-in one-way breather on the rear of the housing. This allows for moisture to be expelled from the housing. The Fake Maxilamps do NOT have this. 

  • Wire chart and branding - Looking at the rear of the light, the Genuine Maxilamps has a chart noting the part number "MAXILAMPC3XRW" along with 12/24v circuit lists. At the bottom of this, there is also a clear "Design by Tony Ottobre".



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