3 Ways to Identify Your Headlight bulb size

Are you looking to upgrade your vehicles headlight bulbs to LED? Don’t know what size you need?

The first thing you’re going to need to do before purchasing new Headlight or interior LED bulbs for that matter, is to find out exactly what size you are going to need. From headlights to interior lights, finding the right size is not overly difficult, but buying the wrong size is only going to cause you headaches and will mean that the brand new lights you have just bought are just not going to work within the fittings of your vehicle.

There are many different headlight sizes on the market. Each of these matching a specific car model, year and even the difference between series.

Below is our quick guide on LED sizes, this guide might just help you in finding the perfect replacements.


Headlight Bulbs


Headlight bulbs come in a wide variety of sizes. Looking up the answer to, what headlight bulb do I need for my car, should only take a few minutes, here it is worth pointing that the procedure for fog lights, indicator lights, and brake lights is the same. There are three simple ways to find out which kind you should have, these are:


1. Check Your Car’s Manual

Every vehicles manual should specifically mention what bulbs you vehicle uses. They certainly cover standard bulbs such as headlight bulbs, tail lights, indicators, reverse lights ect however, many times they do not go as far in depth as you might need. Car manuals don’t often cover interior bulbs, dash lights, foot well lighting etc. When it comes to some of these bulbs we generally recommend using some of the next few tips.



2. Finding the size on the Old Bulbs

The DIY option is to find the size labelled on your existing bulb. This takes a bit more effort but you can be 100% sure that you have the correct one.

For headlight bulbs the size is usually engraved into the base.


Its important to note that there is no difference between fittings of LED bulbs and their Halogen counterparts. A halogen H4 has the exact same base as an LED H4 bulb.


3. Using an Online Vehicle Database

Nowadays, you can reference an online directory for the correct reference No., and there are several free online directories, some more complete than others.

We recommend using the Philips Automotive Bulb Finder to answer the all-important question of ‘what kind of headlight bulb do I need’, simply type in your car model, make and manufacturing year and the directory will present you with all the information for your vehicle.

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