209 Series Boat Trailer Lights by LED Autolamps

New Generation Submersible Trailer Lamps

New Generation Submersible Trailer Lamps…

The new 209 series boat trailer lamps have just been released by LED Autolamps. The original 207 series have been one of Australia’s top selling LED boat trailer products for over 10 years. Now the 209 series have been created with a new design, look and appeal to ensure our quality products will dominate the marine trailer industry for another 10 years.

Extreme marine environments demand a product to be manufactured to withstand these situations. LED have constructed the 209 series with high quality plastics that are fit for purpose and sealed to IP67 100% fully submersible. Stainless-steel fittings with tinned copper wiring are also added for extra protection important with constant salt water exposure.

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Australian road compliance or ADR approval is achieved by using enhanced inner lens optics with 10 Red SMD LEDs, 10 amber SMD LEDs and 3 licence SMD LEDs. Stop/Tail/Indicator function with inbuilt licence plate lamp and two round reflectors come as standard. The incredible bright output will ensure clear directional intention and the clean slick design will enhance new or existing trailer applications. Your customer can be assured every time the trailer is used the lighting will not let you down.

The 209 series have been released in a twin retail blister pack with left and right-hand side lamps as well as single bulk for OEM manufacturers. They are also fully plug in compatible with LED Autolamps plug and play boat trailer cable kits available separately. Soon to be released will be two extra trailer kits, the 209GARLP2/8M which contains the left and right-hand side lamps and 8 metres of hard wire cable. The other kit is the 209GARLP2/8M2SM includes extra two 58 series amber/red side markers that have 6 metres of hard wire cable. These kits are supplied in a retail blister hang pack and are perfect to fit out trailers up to 8 metres in length.

LED Autolamps have incorporated their smart manufacturing processes by using the least number of components and plastics possible to produce the 209 series to all required standards. This enables a competitive 5-year warranty to be offered making available our lowest priced, Quality, LED rear combination boat trailer lamp.

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