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Author: Brenton C   Date Posted:6 April 2017 

With OzLED A small write up regarding the products of Labcraft. Labcraft are Europe's leading designer and developer of sustainable, innovative low voltage lighting solutions for vehicles.


The year is 2017 and LED technology improves year by year, as such the old age idea of halogen lights are on the phase out. OzLED understands this and that’s just one of the reasons we have endeavored to provide such a large range of LED products.
The Labcraft range is one of our most popular LED choices both in and out of the store. Time in and time out we see returning customers who have absolutely loved their Labcraft products regardless of application. We see it all, from RV and Emergency scene lighting to interior lights inside a coast guard boat!

See what the Brodie had to say about his experience with OzLED and the Labcraft Si7 Scene lights.

“Hi Guys, Just wanted to say a huge thanks for sorting me out with the Labcraft scene lights for my vehicle. The amount of light these things produce is staggering! So good to have a local supplier that doesn't mind taking time to help find what suits yours wants and needs, will be back for sure!” – Brodie O’Brien


With such an impressive history dating back 60 years, it's really no surprise that Labcraft products are extremely reliable and are forever leading the Industry in LED technology advancements.
The Labcraft range has products that are perfect for an extensive range of use:

  • RV & Caravan

  • 4WD

  • Camping

  • Civil Construction

  • Boating Applications

  • The list just go’s on!



OzLED doesn't just stock these products, we also test/push the products to their limit! We put the time and money into ensuring that you get the best possible product in the end. We KNOW Labcraft products, and we KNOW they are some of the very best in the industry

Don’t just take our word for it, come down to the store or head over to to see for yourself. As you may have noticed by now, we get a bit excited when it comes to amazing products.

We like to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. So, if you want the latest in News from OzLED on all our future and past publications/office antics, Follow us on any number of Social Media platforms below.

I'll leave you with a few images of Labcraft products in action!






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