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The ArkPak Pure Sine is here!

The AP730P 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter means you can plug in anywhere around the country and still get the same type of power you get at your home.

AC-DC and DC-DC car charging capabilities, 300 watt pure sine wave inverter, 5 volt USB 2.1 amp socket, 2 x 12 volt accessory sockets, 50 amp Anderson socket, External battery terminals, Low voltage cut-out, Manual isolator switch, Time tracker technology, Battery management system , 7 Stage smart charge



Ark protects the investment it has made in innovation with Patents, and it monitors the marketplace internationally for unauthorised infringements. This product’s multi-chemistry battery selection and display are protected, in combination with the features in the claims of the patents set out below.

Certified Australian Innovation patent nos 2014101485; 2014101486; 2014101487; 2016100405
Australian patent application nos 2011205034, 2016201760
Canadian patent application no 2,747,585
US patent application no 14/831,710
US patent no 9,153,978

This product’s appearance is also internationally protected from unauthorised copies and any similar to it, with the registered designs in the list below.

Australian registered design no 332315
Australian Trademark Application No. 1448101
Canadian registered design no 138931
US design patent no D658,581
European Community Design no 001810359

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