Base6 Sealed Bullet Crimp Connectors

Our Sealed Bullet Crimp Connectors are the finest line of "crimp-and-seal" connectors on the market today. The use of only the finest components, and an expanded product selection place Sealed Crimp Connectors squarely at the top of the class. IN SHORT...THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER Features:

  • Translucent, adhesive-lined polyolefin tubing allows visual inspection, prevents wire corrosion, and provides a waterproof seal.
  • Conforms to automotive manufacturers' specifications for wiring repairs, necessary for maintaining electrical warranties.
  • Seamless butt connectors & brazed seam rings and spades prevent opening of connector barrel.
  • Color-coded tubing with wire gauge imprint provides easy identification of the correct part for the job.
  • A selection of over 140 sizes of connectors ensures the right part for every application.

The difference between Butted and Brazed: Butted Seam Connectors Formed when metal is stamped, rolled, and butted to create the connector barrel. Should only be used with stranded wire and must be crimped in the proper place to avoid opening the seam.

Brazed Seam Connectors Formed much like a butted seam, except the seam is brazed together with a solder alloy. May be used with solid or stranded wire and can be crimped on any side of the barrel without opening the seam.

Seamless Connectors Generally only available for a butt connector or splice. The barrel is created from one seamless piece of metal. This eliminates problem of the barrel opening. May be used with solid or stranded wire.

Brazed Seam & seamless Connector Advantages - Better wire contact - Less voltage drop - Increases current flow - Superior tensile strength - Prevents wiring failures - Reduces equipment downtime






Recover Temp


Continuous Operating Temp

-55°C to 110°C

Wire Size

10-12AWG (Yellow), 14-16AWG (Blue), 18-20AWG (Red), 22-24AWG (Clear)


Male, Female

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