REDARC’s 4 amp SmartCharge by DEFA is a portable AC to DC battery charger that has been designed to automatically charge and maintain most common 12V automotive batteries. The 4A SmartCharge automatically recognises the type of battery it’s connected to, then calculates charging and its status and determines what charging is needed. An in-built display shows the status of charge and battery charge level. Shockproof and rugged Award-winning for its design and user-friendliness, it is also rated to IP65 meaning it can be used in damp and outdoor environments. It is shockproof, spark proof and protected against reverse polarity. With a practical integrated cable storage solution, users can fasten the clamps to the unit when they are not in use which means you no longer have to store the cables in a pile. The 4A SmartCharge is best suited for use on batteries rated from 4 to 120Ah (Amp hours). Suits most common battery types The REDARC range of SmartChargers are compatible with all common battery types and chemistries including; - LEAD/ACID - AGM - GEL - Lead Crystal - Lithium (LiFePO4)* *Do not charge Lithium batteries below 0c Features Simple one-button solution and user-friendly display interface Adapts automatically to your battery Battery status monitoring in the display Secured against short circuits and reverse polarity Integrated cable storage solution Temperature-compensated charging cycle Accessories Charging Kit With Accessory Plug/Socket And Ring Terminals SBC12ACC1-4 Redarc SmartCharge Leads with Ring Terminals SBC12ACC1-5 Redarc SmartCharge Leads with Clamps SBC12ACC1-6 Battery compatibility LEAD/ACID, AGM, GEL, Lead Crystal, Lithium (LiFePO4) Output Current (Max) 4A Battery Size 12V/2-110Ah Input 230V AC 50-60Hz Power Consumption 60W Inverse Current < 1 mA Output Voltage 14.4/14.7V Weight 735g Dimensions 210x90x54mm Warranty 5 Years

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