The REDARC 40A Charge Equaliser allows 12 volts to be ‘tapped’ from the centre of a series-connected, two battery, 24 volt DC electrical system while still ensuring an equal charge across the two batteries. This is particularly useful when space or cost prohibits the installation of a separate 12 volt battery. REDARC have incorporated technology from the award-winning BCDC range into the style CE40S2. The CE40S2 has a maximum 40A output and offers improved functionality, reduced installation complexity and features input isolation, negating the need for an input relay or isolator. The REDARC Charge Equaliser has a high peak current capability and fast transient response suited for loads requiring a safe, clean and stable 12 volt supply. It has the advantage of drawing power from a battery rather than through a current limited device, like a voltage reducer. This allows for a much larger peak current draw. Benefits Designed to keep your 24 volt batteries equally charged Reduce down time and running costs by extending battery life Peak load currents are limited only by the battery Designed for Australia's Harsh Conditions Features Based on the award winning BCDC Platform High peak current capability Fast transient response Sealed and suited for commercial applications Input (Operating) Voltage 20 - 32VDC Output Current Rating (Cont.) 40A Input Fuse Rating 60A Output Fuse Rating 60A Warranty 2 Years Standby Current Draw <100mA Output System Voltage 6 - 16VDC Length (mm) 150 Width (mm) 120 Height (mm) 37 Weight (kg) 0.68 Type Approval E and CE

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