Base6 OzST200v2 Compact 200 Watt Siren

The OZST200V2 has been designed to be a direct replacement for the OZST200, As such the wiring and connectors are identical and the unit may be substituted.  

Technical Specifications
Dimensions Length 280mm Width 120mm Height 45mm
Input Voltage 9-32 VDC
Operating Temperature - 30° to + 60°C
Input current 16 Amp @ 12.8V
Output Power Two 100 watts RMS Max (11 Ohms speaker impedance)


Wiring Configuration
Color Function Description
Red Positive Power Input + 9-32VDC
Black Ground Chassis Ground
Green Warning Tone Siren Activation + 9-32VDC
Blue  Air Horn Tone / Tone Change   Connect to Vehicle Horn + 9-32 VDC to activate   1. Less than 0.3 second for Next warning tone. 2. More than 0.3 second for Air Horn Tone.  
Yellow x2 Speaker 1 Connect to the speaker 1. (100 watts speaker)
Brown x2 Speaker 2 Connect to the speaker 2. (100 watts speaker)

Warning Tones

P1 Wail
P2 Yelp
P3 Yelp - Wail


AS NZS 6100.6.3 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Generic standards - Emission standard for residential, commercial and light industrial environments.
ISO 7637 Road Vehicles - Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling.
J1455 Recommended Environmental Practices for Electronic Equipment Design in Heavy-Duty Vehicle applications

    Trouble Shooting - Diagnostics

Condition LED Output
Normal Slow continuous flash (1.2s on - 1.2s off)
Low Supply Voltage Fast continuous flash (0.2s on - 0.2s off)
Speaker open circuit One, two or three short flashes (0.2s Flashes every 2s) One Flash - Speaker 1 Open Circuit Two Flashes - Speaker 2 Open Circuit Three Flashes - Both Speakers Open Circuit
Speaker short circuit One, two or three short flashes (1.2s Flashes every 10s) One Flash - Speaker 1 Short Circuit Two Flashes - Speaker 2 Short Circuit Three Flashes - Both Speakers Short Circuit

  Supply Low - is detected if the output is less than 90% of nominal, due to supply restriction. Open Circuit - Faults do not affect operation - The offending output is driven regardless. Short Circuit - Faults disable only the offending speaker output, the other speaker output functions normally - this may be cleared by cycling the power or warning tone input.   Faults detected during operation are latched and displayed on the LED until the power is cycled or the ON input rises.






Siren Outputs

2 x 100Watt


11 Ohms


AS NZS 6100.6.3, ISO 7637, J1455


2 Years


Data Sheet:

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