Base6 500 Series Heat shrink

HST500 SERIES Shrink Ratio: 4 to 1 Both series are made of all weather, polyolefin tubing with a very active adhesive lining.

  • Excellent for sealing multiple wires
  • Puncture resistant and provides superior strain relief
  • Environmental protection for electronic components
  • Protection of automobile, marine and truck wire splices and harness breakouts
  • Visual Inspection - Using clear heat shrink tubing allows the technicians to see that corrosion has not developed on the wire and cable. This can help prevent technicians from misusing test probes - piercing through the wire insulation. Most heat shrink tubing is black which prevents visual inspection.
  • Most Flexible Tubing - Tubing will remain flexible after it has been installed, which is ideal for wire harness applications.
  • Ideal for Broadest Range of Applications - Most adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing has a 3 to 1 shrink ratio. The High Adhesive Flow Tubing will shrink 28% more than standard adhesive-lined tubing
  • Adhesive in tubing is extremely runny and provides environmental protection for electrical components and seals against corrosion



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